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Tech volatility: 5 trades on big movers

Snag shares amid rumors it could be swallowed up by a larger competitor, some CNBC “Fast Money” traders said Wednesday. Shares in the cloud computing company closed more than 11 percent higher on Wednesday on reports that it was seeking help from financial advisors for a potential takeover. The potential for more acquisition reports […]

Meet the man who could be the next ruler of oil market

SeongJoon Cho | Bloomberg | Getty Images Khalid Al-Falih There’s no one individual who has the power to shake the world oil markets quite like Ali al-Naimi, Saudi Arabia’s octogenarian oil minister. So the replacement of al-Naimi as chairman of state-owned Aramco with its former CEO Khalid al-Falih is being read as a signal by […]

Economic decline underpins Baltimore protests|3000375111|3000375064&autoPlay=true&ordered=true#playerurl=http%3A// It’s not just about the law enforcement. The rioting this week in Baltimore has been blamed on anger and frustration over the April 19 death of a 25-year-old African-American man in police custody. But the source of the widespread unrest in the city—and other distressed urban neighborhoods—stems largely from decades of economic decline and […]

5 trades on Twitter, GoPro earnings moves|3000375084|3000375078#playerurl=http%3A// Twitter‘s post-earnings tanking shows that investor enthusiasm for the stock may have been overplayed, CNBC “Fast Money” traders said. “It’s probably going to be a quarter or two before this is an investment again,” said trader Brian Kelly. Twitter shares closed 18 percent lower and continued sliding in extended trading Tuesday after the social-media […]

Trading Apple earnings: 4 tech stocks to buy|3000374732|3000374684#playerurl=http%3A// Apple‘s torrid growth may start to slow in coming quarters, and its stock performance could lose momentum with it, some CNBC “Fast Money” traders said. “I’m long this stock. but I do feel like it’s running out of a little steam here,” said trader Karen Finerman. Shares in the tech behemoth moved 1 percent […]

Tesla shares charged up ahead of battery news|3000374732|3000374684#playerurl=http%3A// Pardon the pun, but Tesla bulls are charged up. Just days ahead of the company’s announcement about its newest product, a stationary storage battery unit, the company’s shares on Monday rose 6 percent to $231.55, sending them nearly 16 percent higher over the past year. The gains followed an upbeat report from Deutsche Bank […]

Love ’em or Hate ’em, China Stocks Are Red Hot in Options Market

China’s world-beating stock rally is dividing traders in the U.S. options market. Demand has exploded in the past month for contracts that protect investors against losses as well as for those that profit from more gains in the largest U.S. exchange-traded funds tracking Chinese companies. It reflects a divided market outlook after the rally in […]