‘Stay the course’ on media, biotech sell-off, trader says

Last week, the sudden and swift decline in both media and biotech stocks had traders pressing the sell button. The Dow Jones Industrial Average had seven straight losing sessions, the longest streak since October. Overall, approximately $45 billion worth of market value was lost last week among major media companies. The biggest losers were marquee […]

Got growth? Investors shun titans of buybacks

The titans of tech buybacks have not been cutting it this earnings season. Apple and Microsoft fell on their earnings reports, while more growth-oriented tech companies that don’t lean on share repurchases, like Google and Netflix, have surged. To some, that divergence serves as yet another sign that investor predilections are changing. “I think growth […]

What we know about Apple Watch sales…so far

In the aftermath of Apple’s earnings on Tuesday, investors were left asking one question: How many Watches did the tech giant sell? Apple CEO Tim Cook remained tight-lipped on numbers but instead said the Watch had beat the company’s own internal expectations. One problem: Nobody knows what those are. Financial chief Luca Maestri said the […]

Will China’s epic slide impact U.S. stocks?

Chinese stocks have been on a wild ride the past year, with volatility ratcheting up to extreme levels since mid-June. But according to Michael Block of Rhino Trading Partners, investors in U.S. stocks shouldn’t worry about what’s happening in the world’s second-largest economy. After more than doubling in the course of just one year, China’s […]

Here’s the risk everyone is underestimating: Trader

As investors obsess over every headline from Greece, it’s the debt crisis in Puerto Rico that could actually pose a greater risk to U.S. stocks, says trader Kathy Lien of BK Asset Management. Lien points out that U.S. companies have little direct exposure to Greece, meaning that if the risks remain mostly contained to the […]

These 9 stocks could be the next takeover targets

2015 has been a huge year for deal activity, with world-wide mergers and acquisitions up 36 percent compared with the first 5½ months of 2014, according to Thomson Reuters. And the deal talk has heated up in the past week, with the major health insurance firms clamoring to complete tie-ups, and energy company Williams rejecting […]

Big money pulls back—a bit

Chris Ratcliffe | Bloomberg | Getty Images The so-called smart money is pulling back from market risk, with fund managers taking down exposure to stocks, increasing cash holdings and buying protection against a sharp selloff. It’s hardly panic though. Managers of hedge funds, mutual funds and other large investors are still fundamentally optimistic despite the […]